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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A missing person returns to his family in Egypt after 17 years, through a post on social media

A state of joy and gratitude flooded the house of a resident of the Menoufia governorate in Egypt, after they received an absent person who disappeared from them for 17 years, during which they did not lose hope of his return.


Nasser, a young man who was lost from his family when he was ten years old, when his father was working in a carpentry workshop and they were surprised by his disappearance, to return to them today when he is close to his third decade, after he was missing for 17 long years, as reported by Al-Masry Al-Youm network.


As fate smiled at this family after chance led them to find their lost child with the help of a Facebook page concerned with publishing about missing children.


Hajj Samir, who is Nasser’s father, indicated that Nasser disappeared at the age of ten, and he searched for him everywhere to no avail, pointing out that he spent nights sleeping in the streets while searching for his son, without losing hope of his return.


As Nasser’s father said: "I wasn’t sleeping all the time thinking about my son Nasser, and I turned around all the streets to the point where I fell asleep and slept in the street and got up again". Pointing out that the situation has led him to follow the path of impostors, and he paid a lot of money, and spent everything he owned, and his path was always blocked.


However, one of the search attempts that the family pursued was by publishing a picture of Nasser on social networking sites Facebook, so that Hajj Samir was surprised by a phone call from one of the pages searching for missing children, telling him that his son is alive and is in Cairo.


As for the details of finding Nasser, local Egyptian media reported that the coincidence led one of the specialists who had previously met the child in the care homes that sheltered him, to see the post that Nasser’s family had put on Facebook through one of the pages concerned with publishing about the missing, so the specialist recognized him, And I continued with the page, so that everyone’s efforts were crowned so that the child, who had become a young man, would reach his family safely.

The page titled "Missing children" A post in which she congratulated Nasser’s family, herself, and her followers, on the return of the missing person to his family within the framework of the joint efforts that were made to return him, noting some details that were discovered, such as the fact that Nasser arrived in Cairo in 2006, to be handed over to the police. "Azbekia" After it was not possible to reach his parents, then he was placed in the Folk Education Welfare Home in Al-Malik Al-Saleh area, until he grew up and became a young man at the age of 27, according to Al-Diyar newspaper.

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