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Sunday, April 2, 2023

One million dollars for a car plate at an auction in Saudi Arabia


A car plate was sold in Saudi Arabia for the amount of four million and 150 thousand riyals ($1.1 million), during an auction offered by the Saudi Ministry of Interior.


platform reported "Preach" For electronic services affiliated to the Saudi Ministry of Interior, on Wednesday, the value on which the auctions were awarded, including the awarding of the painting "I 1" At a price of 4.150 million riyals.


Another painting bearing the letter was also sold "p" And the number "4" In the amount of 2.710 million riyals, and a third painting in the amount of 1.470 million riyals, bearing the letter "M" And the number "22".

The General Directorate of Traffic in the Kingdom had launched the auction, which includes offering plates with new symbols "I first started offering license plates with one or two letter codes, in addition to numbers; To be an exceptional addition to the electronic paintings auction service"According to the official Saudi Press Agency.


The acquisition of car number plates is one of the most prominent hobbies favored by Gulf citizens, as advertisements for the sale of distinctive plates are widespread, and they encourage the public to pay hundreds of millions to acquire car numbers, which are often more expensive than the price of the car itself.


The Saudi General Traffic Department adopts the launch of an auction of car plates for sale periodically, according to regions within the Kingdom, through the official website of Traffic.

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