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Thursday, March 23, 2023

“Certainly, diligence is a virtue, but so is rest”

Þorbjörg Marinósdóttir, or Tobba as she is always called, the owner of the bar Granóla, thinks well of the fluff in the embers from Journal Today.

As those who know the poem about the loon know, it loves those who watch and work, but shames those who rest. Tobba disagrees with this and says hard work is definitely a virtue, but so is rest.

“The snow has come and chased the snow – but it doesn’t look like the blessing is going to take away the overwork of us Icelanders.

Why can’t I, the adult, go to bed in the middle of the day when I’m on vacation and I’m exhausted without waking up with a bad conscience? I feel like cheating. The poor with a draw before noon. It doesn’t matter that I don’t have any other chores to do that day other than to rest after the operation,” Tobba says and says his friends have the same story to tell.

“Only on sick leave, but can’t go to bed after taking the kids out in the morning, except to feel like a useless wretch.”

We are raised to always do something.

What is diligence and ambition and what is compulsive work, which can lead to a bad conscience about rest? Of course, diligence is a virtue, but so is rest.

We now know that overwork is a misery that robs people of their health and their families, but you can’t stop working non-stop once you’ve been scheduled to work overtime.

How can people just turn off the overtime frenzy? – whether at 67 or in the wall because of work?

The fucking fluff is constantly in the ear.

“She told me about my sins, I sleep too much and I don’t work hard.” She told me to stay awake and work, and I hope to compete in tournaments this summer.”

The fucking stuffed animal.”

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