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Monday, March 27, 2023

The intern who wrote the article that ‘should never have been published’ comes forward – Here’s what she had to say about the social media storm

University student Stacia Datskovska threw everything aside when she wrote an article describing her negative experience of being an exchange student in Italy.

Many thought she was blind to privilege and it was clear she believed the world revolved around her.

Insider media, which published the article, was also strongly criticized.

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Laugh at comments

Stacia has now come forward in a new post she posted on The Independent where she retraces the events of the last few days since the first publication of the article.

There she says most people who use Twitter or actively browse the web probably know who she is. She says she has received an incredible amount of messages on most of the social networks she uses.

“I really respect the effort strangers go to to make sure I know exactly what they think of me.”

People have drawn various conclusions about him, most of which are far from the truth. For example, she is good at traveling, contrary to what many claim, and even worked in Italy during the summer for the exchange program. She was also encouraged to drop out of her studies in journalism and international relations.

“The last few days I kept laughing at comments where people insist I change subjects at school because I clearly don’t have the ability, some shamelessly said no one would want to me for wife and I was called quirky names like and “wet carpet”, “spoiled”, “despicable person” and “ugly American”.

stories to write

In fact, she felt more empowered as the hate on social media grew.

“Provocative stories capable of generating active discussion are among those that absolutely must be written.” Contrary to what many claimed on “journalistic Twitter”, this was not a call for attention, not a ChatGPT masterpiece, and not – my personal favorite – a rental pen rented by the city of Florence to scare American students. I believed in the value of my story before I even wrote it, and I still do today.”

However, it is disturbing how quickly the internet was ready to attack a young person because he had an opinion that few people shared.

“I’m blessed with good self-confidence, good character and a good background of family friends, industry acquaintances and even decent strangers who have contacted me to tell me that “They had a lot of connections to my article. But what about the next reporter who gets a wave of hate after publishing something and doesn’t have the same background?”

Stacia says the power of social media readers needs to be rethought. Her story will soon be forgotten, but the habit of having young journalists, especially women, mocked and mocked will continue.

“It only takes a few finger movements to crucify an author for his work.” It could take a lot longer to undo the damage he is causing.”

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