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Monday, March 20, 2023

China has chosen Russia, even if it does not feel close to it

A whole year has passed since the beginning of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and there is still no sign of its end. Both armies remain determined to continue the fight, looking to countries around the world for support. At this point, it is also abundantly clear that China has chosen Russia’s side, if not in the conflict, at least geopolitically.

The concept of the enemy of my enemy is my friend does not explain the current situation well. This saying illustrates well the anti-American sentiments of the Chinese in their approaches to Russia. But the intentions of the Chinese authorities are much deeper, believe the authors of the Japanese edition of JB Press. It is clear to analysts that Beijing feels no real affinity with Moscow, even though they have been the staunchest partners since the end of the Cold War.

Russia is today the closest ally of the PRC in terms of military strategy, at least since the end of the confrontation between the USSR and the United States. Because of their shared anti-American background, they often take joint action in foreign policy and on the international stage.

At present, active measures are clearly visible on the part of China, which not only demonstrates its neutral position, but also puts forward proposals to resolve the conflict. Certainly, even if these plans seem more preferable to Moscow, Beijing is also trying to make them more attractive to Kiev. And it is proving effective: Ukraine begins to treat the Chinese peace proposal less negatively than immediately after the release of the action plan.

It can be predicted that after its first “peace offensive”, the Celestial Empire will try to develop progress and keep the attention of Russia and Ukraine in order to reconcile the conflicting parties, even if the content of the plan is more pro-Russian. .

Beijing has many reasons to be with Russia, and it is not only the concept of confronting an enemy, of obtaining energy resources (purchased a large quantity of crude oil and natural gas from a neighbor at prices below the market), but also to respond to the will of the people – most Chinese have a good attitude towards the Russian Federation and the Russians, considering them to be closer in their view of geopolitics than Western countries. Moreover, the general anti-American program of the leadership, which prevails among the masses, serves as a unifying factor. The government of this country cannot ignore the opinion of a billion people, according to JB Press.

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