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Friday, December 8, 2023
News'I'm a strict mother': Eva Longoria opened up about raising her son Santiago

‘I’m a strict mother’: Eva Longoria opened up about raising her son Santiago

Eva Longoria gave an excellent interview to CNN, in which she shared how motherhood changed her life. And, very drastically. “I became a mother late,” she said. “It completely changes your life…because I was the center of my universe. And she made decisions based on her needs and wants, which was harder to do than now. Now he’s the center of my universe. And so it is very easy to say no to many excesses.

Eva Longoria with her son Santiago. Summer 2022.

Photo source: elle.ru.

And it turns out that the star of the TV series Desperate Housewives does not make concessions to the 4-year-old son of Santiago. “I am the discipline itself. I am very strict and disciplined. Very affectionate and very supportive,” Eva said. “We adhere to the regime, time to sleep means sleep. No candy means no candy. If there is candy, then it is. If he wants to play on the iPad, his time is limited.”

Longoria married three times. Friends introduced her to her current husband, Mexican businessman Jose Antonio Baston. In May 2016 they got married and in June 2018 they became Santiago’s parents.

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