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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsThe conclusion of the seventh edition of the "International Classic Chess Open...

The conclusion of the seventh edition of the "International Classic Chess Open Championship"


The Qatar Chess Federation closed the curtain on the competitions of the seventh edition of the tournament "The International Classic Chess Open Championship"And that was in the large hall of the Qatar Chess Training Center, with the participation of 130 players, representing 23 countries.

Indian player Giana Sai Santhosh crowned the title with six and a half points, leaving second place for his compatriot Pranav Pradeep Nair, who got the same balance, but was delayed by the transfer difference, while the other Indian player, Sanjid Lathief, came third with six points, and the Filipino Loyola Rawlinson finished in the center. The fourth, by obtaining five and a half points, equal with the Russian Ivan Elishev, who finished in fifth place, but was delayed by the difference in transfers. In sixth place came the Filipino Joya Florian, followed by his compatriot Ryan Mendoza seventh, then the other Filipino player Lan Bayol with five and a half points eighth, and the Egyptian Mahmoud came Abdo is ninth with five and a half points and trails by breaking the tie.

In terms of individual awards, Irfan Muhammad Firdous won an award "The best Qatari player" By obtaining four and a half points, he was followed by Khaled Al-Jamaat with 4 points to get a prize "The best Qatari player under 20 years old" Kholoud Al-Khulaifi won an award "Best Qatari player" And I got 4 points, and Fahd Al-Mansoori won a prize "The best Qatari player under 16 years old" And Ibrahim Al Janahi on "Best Qatari player under 12 years old".

Mr. Mohammed Al-Madhahka, President of the Qatar Chess Federation, and Mr. Hamad Al-Tamimi, Executive Director of the Federation, crowned the first winners with prizes presented, which amounted to a total of 25,000 riyals. Real, in addition to material prizes for the rest of the centers, up to the tenth place. The Organizing Committee also awarded material prizes for the best Qatari player and player, and the best Qatari player under 20, under 16 and under 12 years.

The competitions took place over a full week of seven rounds according to the Swiss system in the way of playing: 60 minutes + 30 seconds additional move, during which all the regulations and laws of the International Chess Federation regarding the classic and anti-cheating system were applied. Participation in it was approved for all players below the international classification of 2200 points, and each participant was required to possess a valid membership number (FIDE ID) in the International Chess Federation.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Madhahka, President of the Qatar Chess Federation, confirmed that the tournament, which bears the name "Abdullah Abdul Ghani and Brothers Open Chess Championship 2023" It gave a positive impression in this version in light of the large participation and the presence of 23 different nationalities.. indicating that it is one of the most important tournaments in Qatar, appreciating the great endeavors made by the sponsoring company that continuously supports the activities of the federation.

In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al-Madhahka indicated that the federation is looking forward to continuing this type of partnership with national institutions, to contribute to spreading the chess culture in Qatar, pointing out that the tournament succeeded in presenting many promising faces, which in turn constituted tremendous support for the national teams. All categories, in addition to being among the main goals set by the Federation Board of Directors to expand the base of participants in this game.

He continued:" Since its inception in the year 2018, the tournament has left many positive impressions for the International Federation family that follows the tournament, in addition to its great impact on the chess scene in Qatar. Ranking points are important in improving the international ranking.

Concluding his statements to QNA, Al-Mudhahka noted that preparations for the launch of the third edition of the Qatar Masters International Championship, which Qatar will host from October 10-20, are going well, stressing that the tournament will witness the presence of a group of the best classifiers. On the world, they are led by the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, the current world champion, who announced his final participation, and there are also arrangements being made at the present time in order to make this tournament a success, which returns after an absence.

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