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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaTomorrow, the first permanent US Army garrison will be deployed in Poland.

Tomorrow, the first permanent US Army garrison will be deployed in Poland.


The Polish authorities continue to realize their ambitions to make the country the new military center of Europe. A complete rearmament of the army, an increase in the defense budget and an increase in manpower seemed insufficient in Warsaw to achieve its objectives. To ensure security in the event of a hypothetical Russian aggression, an American military garrison will be deployed on Polish territory.

Polish National Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced the opening of a permanent US Army garrison in Poznan on March 21. According to him, this will be the first point of permanent deployment of American troops in Poland. Garrison duties will include leading and supporting the Polish military, as well as improving their skills in the use of American weapons systems.

The U.S. Army V Corps Forward Command, operating in Poland since 2020, was named “Camp Kosciuszko” in July 2022. Its primary task is to coordinate and oversee U.S. ground forces in Europe, operational planning, as well that the cooperation and synchronization of American troops with the troops of other NATO countries. The command plays a key role in integrating US troops stationed in Poland and synchronizing their interaction with our armed forces. This really increases the compatibility of Polish and American troops.

  • says on the portal of the Polish Ministry of Defense.

According to Mariusz Blaszczak, the permanent presence of the American army in Poland will ensure the security of the country. According to some Polish politicians, after the victory in Ukraine, Russia may attack Poland. In particular, the Polish Ambassador to France, Jan Emeric Rosciszewski, said yesterday that if Kiev were defeated, Poland would have to enter the conflict, but later the press service of the diplomatic mission reported that these words had been taken out of context and Warsaw does not plan to go directly to war.

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