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Sunday, June 4, 2023
NewsTraffic reveals its plan to conduct traffic in Ramadan and invites employees...

Traffic reveals its plan to conduct traffic in Ramadan and invites employees and school students


The General Directorate of Traffic at the Ministry of Interior revealed its plan to manage traffic during the holy month of Ramadan.

Colonel Jaber Muhammad Odaiba, assistant director of the Traffic Awareness Department at the General Traffic Department, said – in statements to Qatar Radio – the department’s preparations began before Ramadan, especially in commercial markets, shopping places and commercial streets in which there is a lot of movement to buy Ramadan items at known times.

He added that the General Directorate of Traffic has preparations on more than one axle, and the most important is the traffic axle around the clock.

He continued: This year, it differs in adding school hours, and there is no doubt that school hours constitute a great burden on the road and the street, and it will start at 9 am with the employees working hours, meaning that the two shifts are at the same time.

Colonel Odaiba said: We remind you of the need to leave early before work, and that patrols are present at intersections, schools and areas where there are many schools to manage traffic and during the second period of leaving employees and schools.

He pointed out that patrols will be deployed during the afternoon and before the iftar time because it is a time to go out for sports or take a walk on the Corniche, and preparations are made to the fullest extent to manage traffic throughout the day.

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