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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsHSE experts briefed on characteristics of uranium shells for Western tanks

HSE experts briefed on characteristics of uranium shells for Western tanks

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UK depleted uranium munitions can cause cancer and other illnesses, although they have low radioactivity. This was reported by experts from the National Research University Higher School of Economics, reports RBC.

Experts believe that comparing depleted uranium to a dirty bomb is inappropriate. Munitions containing uranium have a much lower radiation background. This ammunition is used in US service with Abrams tanks. It is unclear when and whether Kiev will receive these weapons, but this is the first step towards escalating the conflict.

Ammunition based on depleted uranium can be called a “special subspecies of radioactive weapons”. Despite the low radiation background, its use still has negative consequences for the environment and the military.

Using such shells, according to the Higher School of Economics, allows you to increase lethal force and armor. Due to its high mass, a depleted uranium core can easily penetrate the armor of a modern tank. In addition, in American tanks, depleted uranium is used in vehicle armor, but with crew safety equipment.

Earlier, expert Shurygin spoke about the uranium shells that Britain plans to transfer to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The specialist noted that today the use of this type of ammunition is not prohibited.

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