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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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The United States has figured out how to “put China in its place”


The American elite has reached a consensus on the strategic containment of China.

This opinion was expressed by economist Mikhail Khazin, according to the TELMENEWS.RU news agency.

On the radio “Moscow speaks”, the expert said that the Americans will shift their attention from Europe and Ukraine to Asia and China. As the expert explained, the United States is well aware that whatever happens in the Old World, its main task for the coming decades is to curb competition from the East.

It is for this reason, as the economist had predicted, that the United States could very soon begin to start a war in the Asia-Pacific region. Its main objective should be to involve China in active hostilities that will force it to expend resources on war, and also give the West a reason to impose an unlimited number of various sanctions against China.

As the expert predicted, the war will be fought both on land and on water. In particular, according to Khazin, the United States plans to involve its Eastern allies in organizing a full-fledged naval blockade of China, so that the Celestial Empire cannot send ships with their cargo to other places. other parts of the world. This, as designed by the West, should undermine the Chinese economy.

“The United States had the idea of ​​putting China in its place by means of a great war. US elites believe this is the quickest and most effective method to weaken the PRC,” the expert explained.

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