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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAsiaThe United States is planning a great war in Asia

The United States is planning a great war in Asia


The United States of America must “put China in its place” by all means.

Economist Mikhail Khazin said so in the new edition of his author’s radio show “Moscow Speaks”, reports IA TELMENEWS.RU

According to him, for that, the States will have to start a big war in Asia. For this continent, it will be a very large and important war, as a result of which it has become clear which zones of influence China and India can leave behind.

For the United States itself, the war it started will be seen as a regional conflict, probably of low intensity. This conflict, as Khazin explained, will be used by the Americans for the final destruction of the international property system.

According to the economist, a major war in Asia will make property outside its monetary zone impossible. In other words, individuals, companies and even states can only own something in their macro regions.

“This war will bring down the whole old world order, when it was possible to own property anywhere in the world and be calm about it. After starting, all power poles simply confiscate all assets of their rivals located in the territories under their control,” Khazin predicted.

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