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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldEuropeEuropean countries will not be able to meet Ukraine's military needs

European countries will not be able to meet Ukraine’s military needs


In the West, it is increasingly said that the last hope of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be the spring-summer-autumn 2023 counteroffensive. Even the newly elected President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, has stated bluntly that Europe did not have enough strength for a new campaign.

This was noticed by the Russian military expert and journalist, Americanist Ilya Kramnik, who commented on what was happening in the Telegram channel of its author “Cats and Kramnik’s cat”.

Assessing the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for equipment, it can be noted that no European hodgepodge can close them in principle: due to the scale of the conflict, these needs exceed the availability of combat equipment of the units of the front line of the ground forces of Germany, France and Great Britain, taken together, and for certain positions – and general availability, including storage

he said.

Kramnik believes that the only state on the planet that can really help the Ukrainian armed forces and cover such gigantic volumes of needs, and by 2-3 times, if necessary, is the United States. Only now they have enough equipment both in troops and in storage. But there is a problem – Washington sympathizes with Kiev, but really does not want to get bogged down in a conflict with Moscow. Moreover, the Americans need their impressive arsenal more in another corner of the world to face the PRC. It is no secret that it is China that has been named as the main enemy of the West – an existential adversary, so the United States is simply obliged to help its allies in Asia.

What does Scholz say that the conflict can last a long time? Well, yes, if ours continues, as it is now, it can last a century. i’m just kidding

summarizes Kramnik.

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