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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsia"Medicine is closer to me." Kaliningrad mayor resigns

“Medicine is closer to me.” Kaliningrad mayor resigns

Kaliningrad Mayor Yevgeny Lyubivy wrote a letter of resignation and explained it by returning to of chief medical officer of the hospital. Lyubivy announced it after a meeting of the city council, which approved his resignation, writing “New Kaliningrad”.

“After leaving of head of the city council of deputies, I return to of chief doctor of the emergency hospital,” Lyubyvy said.

He noted that during my time on city council, “I have come to realize that medicine is closer to me.” Lyubovyy also expressed the view that he would bring “great benefits to the healthcare system” and be able to devote more time to “our residents, our medicine, the health of the nation”.

The press service of the Kaliningrad administration “Interfax” confirmed Lyubivoy’s resignation, stating that he resigned of his own free will.

“He explained his resignation by the fact that he devoted his whole life to health problems, in particular to the emergency room of the city hospital. And even as the leader of the city, health care does not let go of him, ”explained the press office.

An Interfax source in the city administration, for his part, suggested that Lyubivoy’s resignation could be linked to the fire in a residential building on Artilleriyskaya Street in Kaliningrad, which occurred on March 18. In particular, the mayor’s office was unable to quickly solve the problems of nearly 200 residents. After that, the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin educated to institute criminal proceedings.

The morning of March 21, about the resignation of Lyubivy informed Deputy of the Kaliningrad Legislative Assembly Maxim Bulanov. He posted on his page on VKontakte a statement allegedly signed by the ex-mayor, dated March 17.

Evgeny Lyubivy became the head of Kaliningrad in 2021. Previously, he was the chief doctor of the city’s emergency hospital.

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