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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Germany and France at odds over future of internal combustion engines Fox News


However, ecology has long played a tenth role in solving these problems. Opponents of electric fuel believe that keeping ICE cars, however eco-friendly, will slow European industry’s transition to electric vehicle production, and eventually give way to Chinese and American rivals. According to German broadcaster ARD, China will release 80 different models of electric vehicles in the global market by the end of this year, and in Europe there are serious concerns about these Chinese tariffs.

According to opinion polls, around 70% of Germans are against banning ICE.

In France, with its developed automobile industry, Wissing’s demands to run the internal combustion engine on electric fuel caused particular outrage. “It is dubious from an economic point of view, dangerous for the industry, it does not correspond to our national interests or the interests of our producers, and above all, it is not in the interest of the planet. “, said the Economy. Minister Bruno Le Maire, referring of course to the environment, but more as a tribute to tradition. Moreover, the German Minister, having blocked at the last moment a ready-made decision, which Berlin, by the way, itself approved in the autumn, in fact blocked the entire previous long coordination process, which is usually given to the European Union with great difficulty. And that only added to the irritation of Paris.

Nor is Wissing guided by environmental considerations. The German Liberal Democratic Party, of which the minister is a member, recently lost the general elections in Berlin with a crushing score. To win back, the Free Democrats decided to “sell” their constituents the successful achievement of some of the goals set out in their party’s platform. And here, apparently, the topic of internal combustion engines and electric fuel was very successfully approached.
The FDP is supported in this dossier by part of the German automobile industry, and in particular by Porsche. Together with Siemens, it has already invested in a large-scale electric fuel production project in Chile. Certainly, other major manufacturers, including Volkswagen, the “mother” company of Porsche, believe that it is necessary to bet on electric vehicles and not to be sprayed. There is also no unity in the German government. On the other hand, the FDP enjoys almost total support among the German population. According to opinion polls, around 70% of Germans are against banning ICE.

Realizing that the cause of the sudden problem was, in fact, the FDP’s domestic political ambitions, Paris and Brussels are even more angry. But they can’t do anything. Wissing’s demands were backed by Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, and now, along with Germany, they have a blocking minority in the EU Council vote. The issue must be resolved one way or another, and the European Commission is already showing that it is ready for compromises, which Berlin has not yet accepted, however. And it is possible that the Germans will lead the main negotiations for internal combustion engines and electric fuel not with Brussels, but with Paris. France also has a whim: it wants to legislate nuclear energy in the EU as a key tool for the transition to renewable energy sources. Germany has a long tradition of opposing nuclear initiatives. But now, the two countries have the basis to agree on issues that interest them so much.

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