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Sunday, June 4, 2023
NewsIn Australia, discovery of a new species of giant spider more than...

In Australia, discovery of a new species of giant spider more than 20 centimeters long


The arachnid has been named Euoplos dignitas: its name comes from the Latin dignitas, which means “dignity” or “greatness” and reflects the spider’s impressive size and character, Queensland Museum scientists said in a statement.

Experts say the species has lost much of its habitat due to land clearing, likely making it an endangered species, according to NBC News. Although the Australian team did not specify the size of the specimen, photos on social media suggest that it could be more than 20 centimeters long.

According to National Geographic, murder spiders are typically up to five centimeters long and nest underground. They are hairy tropical spiders and their bites can cause pain and swelling in humans. According to Britannica, these spiders build burrows in the ground and webs with loops of silk where the insects trap themselves. Michael Ricks, chief curator of arachnology at Queensland Museums, said experts were delighted to document the new species scientifically.

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