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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsCoronavirus infection detected in 442 more residents of Rostov region per day

Coronavirus infection detected in 442 more residents of Rostov region per day

The number of people hospitalized was 32, just over 7% of the total number of people infected.

According to official data from the health authorities of the Rostov region, as of the morning of March 25, 442 people infected with the coronavirus have been identified in the region. This is much more than the day before (279 people). But the numbers themselves are very small and do not cause any particular alarm. Only 32 people had to be hospitalized. However, not a single death has been recorded.

443 people have recovered.

Since the beginning of the pandemic (March 2020) in the Rostov region, coronavirus infection has been detected in 451,053 people. Fully recovered 437533.

The disease claimed the lives of 11,081 residents of the Rostov region.

Despite the fact that the infection is steadily declining and many restrictions have been lifted, doctors strongly recommend wearing a medical mask in public places and disinfecting your hands regularly.

To reduce the risk of infection, they also advise taking vitamins to maintain immunity.

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