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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsResidents of Monchegorsk are warned about the danger on the playground

Residents of Monchegorsk are warned about the danger on the playground

Residents of Monchegorsk have been told to keep an eye on their children due to the danger that awaits them. The slide in one of the city’s playgrounds is damaged and can injure children.

On Saturday, March 25, in the group “Overheard Monchegorsk” on the social network “Vkontakte” a recording was posted, the author of which calls on parents in Monchegorsk to be vigilant when visiting a playground.

So, in the tube-shaped slide near house number 14 on Lenin Avenue, there is a large hole right where the baby will go down, deciding to climb up. This defect carries a serious danger, because the child risks being injured without realizing it.

In the comments, the author of was advised to contact local authorities with the issue:

“The last time I wrote to the administration about such a hole, they fixed it the next day. Attach a photo, ”wrote one of the northerners.

Recall, earlier “The Eastern Heraldin Murmansk” said that a pack of stray dogs was found in the attic of a residential building in the Arctic capital.

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