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Sunday, June 4, 2023
NewsWorld Drama Day: Feel the infinite charm of drama

World Drama Day: Feel the infinite charm of drama


March 27 every year Today is “World Drama Day”, a commemorative day established by the International Theater Institute. Its purpose is to attract the attention of people around the world to the art of drama, and to share the spiritual wealth that the art of drama brings to humanity. Every year theaters and theater lovers around the world organize various activities to celebrate this day. In the past two years, due to the corona pandemic, people in the theater industry around the world have experienced an unprecedented “cold winter”. Some theaters have closed due to their inability to perform normally, and many cast and crew have changed jobs. But now, as the world is recovering from the pandemic, the world of drama is slowly regaining its former vitality.

Recently, the Market Management Department of China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the “Notice on Optimizing the Management Policy of Commercial Exhibitions Related to Abroad”. From March 20, 2023, the local cultural and tourism administrative departments will resume the acceptance and approval of professional performances related to foreign countries. Foreign performances in China, which have been silent for more than three years, will reappear on the domestic stage.

Unlike other industries affected by the Corona epidemic which are recovering slowly, China’s drama industry can be said to be recovering rapidly. Now, a large number of performances and a large number of spectators come to the theater, and there are also scenes of “hard to grab tickets”. Recently, the Shanghai Grand Theater has ushered in a 100% attendance rate, and the first half of the year is fully booked, and the schedule is crowded.

And perhaps the allure of drama is behind this. The charm of drama lies in the theatre. Walk into the theatre, follow the actors on stage to travel through the past and future, and experience a completely different life. Drama is the world’s most widespread art form and universal “language”. People of different castes, skin colors and languages ​​can also feel the charm of art through drama. This may be the reason why drama has such a long life.

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