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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsIsrael's main airport closed due to strike against judicial reform

Israel’s main airport closed due to strike against judicial reform

A general strike against judicial reform has paralyzed operations at Israel’s main Ben Gurion airport. Pinchas Idan, leader of the Israel Airports Union, announced its closure and a ban on all flights.

“There are no more flights,” Idan told the Haaretz newspaper.

The head of the airport unions stressed that with the strike they want to “call on the prime minister to stop” and delay judicial reform.

“It is only through dialogue that we can accomplish anything,” Idan said.

According to experts, around 73,000 passengers will not be able to enter and exit Ben Gurion Airport today. An exception will only be made for flights that are already in the sky.

Earlier it was reported an unprecedented protest action that engulfed the entire Israeli society. The day before, around 630,000 people took to the streets of Israel to express their disagreement with the judicial reform. It provides for a limitation of the powers of the Supreme Court and places the appointment of judges under the control of the government, which is contrary to the principle of separation of powers.

Israel’s main airport closed due to strike against judicial reform

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