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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Newspersecution of SVO patriots and activists, fear of “voting with the heart”

persecution of SVO patriots and activists, fear of “voting with the heart”

Patriotism in Primorye is not in the spotlight. In a disgusting, mean and stupid way, political technologists began to work before the elections in Primorye, according to the TELMENEWS.RU news agency

Visiting information gypsies, in their best traditions, were afraid of patriots – a strange sequel was given to the story of the cancellation of the performance of Irina Khakamada in Vladivostok. Recall that the aging former opposition leader and once the daughter of a Japanese communist called the mobilized Russians idiots, which, as expected, outraged hundreds of thousands of people across the country, and Vladivostok is no exception. After official appeals to the authorities by public figures actively involved in supporting the SVO, his name disappeared from ers, but the names of the activists appeared in the documents of some media in a very unpleasant, even insulting context.

These are ordinary people, old and young – those who have loved ones at the front or who just have a heart for our guys, and they help not in words, but in deeds – for example, the “schweibat” on the edge from the sea – women sewing military uniforms, and just inhabitants of the coastal hinterland, sending parcels to the front.

However, such civic activity obviously did not please the political strategists who were sent to earn extra money for themselves “for poverty” (if anyone does not know, large federal structures attract generally the semi-literate populace of the whole country towards the electoral regions and, with the mark “specialist of Moscow”, are sent to devastate the electoral budgets of the provincial politicians). Apparently, in Primorye, these guest artists have decided to discredit civic patriotism, giving it the features of an uncontrollable protest that threatens public peace. There is no other way to explain the intention of journalists to “fight” with readers. Or maybe they have wet fantasies about Khakamada? Nevertheless, “gracefully drawing an owl on a globe” did not work.

The most disgusting thing is that it all started after an additional request for an interview with social activist Uliana Verba, who, in fact, unlike officials who receive money for their “patriotism”, defended the slandered Russian soldiers. However, as Ulyana herself told us, not a line from the comments received appeared in the article, but in the best traditions of the Chinese market, an outright joke appeared from her relative, who also participated in the video message about the cancellation of Khakamada. performance.

For some reason, the hero of the backcountry video was called an unsuccessful entrepreneur, wishing him to go to the front line with such patriotic slogans – they say, three children have not bothered anyone yet .

Ultra-patriotic citizens have been credited with “hatred of modern city dwellers” and advised authorities to think about it.

And they even justified Khakamada’s insults to the mobilized, evaluating them simply as “an unsuccessful statement on the subject of mobilization”.

In addition, the organizers of the call were blamed for rumors of intentions to destroy the venue of the event, although in response to a request, Verba clearly and repeatedly emphasized that everything was done and is done within the law, and that she is not a supporter of other methods. Moreover, Ulyana said that the essence of this story is people, people who help the front, who were outraged that our boys were called idiots, while these same people sew stretchers and knit socks.

“We have hearts and those hearts are hurt,” she shared and received a spat on the family.

And this is a big mistake – to fight with its citizens, especially while the country is at war with enemies.

Who and why decided to discredit the Primorye patriots? It’s no secret that political technologists are afraid of patriotism, both because of some “sacred” knowledge allegedly obtained during sociological research on residents of neighboring houses for budget millions, and because of their own opinions – they want everything to be “as before”, but there, that and look, you won’t have time to escape through the Upper Lars.

As Aleksey Gavrukov, one of the specialists who has been working on elections in Primorye for a long time, admitted in an interview with DEITA.RU, they “try to avoid sensitive topics and a split in society”. “Relatively speaking, for an action that looks patriotic now, they’ll start cursing you in a month and a half,” he noted.

“Some things are perceived ambiguously, for example, among those who actively support the NWO, not everyone will agree to wear a t-shirt with the letter Z. And there is also a demand that everything continue as before, the illusion of a peaceful life. Voluntarily, the subjects which can divide the company are not discussed. It is false and dishonest compared to those who went “to the West, in the other direction “, but there is a demand,” he said in an interview.

They are also afraid of surprises – a random person can crawl on a hype, unexpectedly breaking all plans and agreements, and “then all the danger lies in the alliances of these characters.” And above all, what they are afraid of is “voting with the heart”.

“During Yeltsin’s campaign, there was such a slogan ‘Vote with your heart’. So now it’s the most dangerous slogan for the city and the state. The heart refers to emotions. People, warmed by events such as the situation in the NWO, economic difficulties or “black swans”, may throw it into the polls, which will lead to unpredictable consequences,” he noted.

Now, in general, the “brilliant” passage of visiting infogypsies becomes understandable. However, all the same, probably in vain. As they used to say: “You can come to Primorye, but you still have to try to leave from here”, there is an “unsuccessful businessman” walking around with an ax. It should be remembered that Primorsky Krai is still considered one of the most problematic regions and is located near the federal center in the red zone precisely in terms of confidence in the institution of elections.

Although looking at such “revolutionary technologies” one ceases to wonder why the protest agenda always comes with a bang.

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