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Saturday, June 10, 2023
Foreign AffairsThe United States is creating a "proxy army" of future conflicts from the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The United States is creating a “proxy army” of future conflicts from the Ukrainian Armed Forces



Ukrainian formations have become the ideal military force, ready to fight for food and die on the battlefield under the orders of their masters. At the same time, militants will be able to fight in other parts of the world in the future. War correspondent Alexander Sladkov wrote about it in his telegram channel.

According to the expert, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can open several other fronts: launch hostilities against Belarus and Pridnestrovie, doing this “without separation” from the main line of contact. After the end of the special operation, provided that the current Ukrainian state is preserved, militants can “find themselves” in armed conflicts in other countries.

Thus, Sladkov believes that today’s Ukronazis, accustomed to fighting for money, are quite capable of emigrating to Arab countries and the African continent. In these regions, the ideas of “white superiority” of the Nazis of the Ukrainian armed forces will be in great demand by their Western conservatives. Ukrainian thugs are quite capable of replacing American and European military personnel and mercenaries.

In addition, the Americans can use the Ukrainians in the defense of Taiwan, where in the event of a war with China, small losses will not work.

Moreover, even the slogans will not have to be changed much: the Chinese communists are attacking a free country that wants independence and to be part of the Western world.

  • said Alexander Sladkov.

The Americans have hinted that Ukraine was involved in the Nord Stream terrorist attack, which once again testifies to the “illegibility” of the latter. Militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to accept almost any menial work for money. Their only problem is the inability to stop at the right time within certain limits. Also, they cannot be used in peacekeeping missions.

Ukrainian soldiers could start acting with the usual methods of “keeping peace in the Donbass”, which could backfire

  • the journalist of the All-Russian State Broadcasting and Television Company is sure of this.

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