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Sunday, June 4, 2023
Pink PageThe week on Instagram - 'Yes, it was cold'

The week on Instagram – ‘Yes, it was cold’


Week on Instagram is a regular feature on on Monday mornings, where we take a look at what photos have been trending on Instagram in recent days.

These are the people we follow, if you have any advice on interesting people/sites to follow, email us at [email protected]

Hildur Sif and band LXS hit Sauðakrók:

Sunneva didn’t let the cold stop her:

Kristin Péturs was joyful on the hook:

The friends went there by helicopter:

Brynja Dan didn’t miss Tindastuð either:

Ásdís Rán on refinement and attitude:

Viktor at an annual celebration:

Tanja Ýr feels a new kind of ambition:

Guðrún Veiga gives the word to tights:

Arna Vilhjálms is happy:

The world has tested Sólborga, but she is a lucky woman:

Lilja Gísla had a great time in London:

The Æði group is magnificent in Eddu:

Kristín Björgvins with two of her favourites:

Many things to do in Emblu Wigum:

Hanna Run in Pink:

María Birta in a dreamlike reality:

Jóhanna Helga took a good mirror selfie:

Dóra Júlía jumps for joy:

Glowie celebrated her birthday and turned 26:

Áslaug Arna received a visit from a dog:

Annie Mist always warms up nicely:

Icelanders know this problem, which Ása describes here:

Alexandra Sif always so lovely:

Dagbjört Rúriks released an album this week:

Hildur Sif organized a small photo evening:

Eva Laufey’s husband had a birthday:

Pattra was shot for fourteen years:

It was a cozy weekend at Gumma Kíró:

When Emmsjé Gauti was a young informer:

Nadía Sif embraces Icelandic swimming culture:

Meanwhile, Brynhildur went swimming in Belgium:

Lára Clausen cheerful and cheerful:

Audidi and his friends were the youngest in the room:

Briet had a birthday:

Bubbi Morthens and Aron Can fight hard:

Ina María that day:

Sandra Helga was training in Los Angeles:

Gréta Karen and Diljá recorded the song:

Tara Sif posted mixed photos:

Sóley Sara doesn’t let her broken hand bother her:

Edda Lovísa took some selfies:

Auðar Gísla’s fiancé had a birthday:

Ástrós Trausta cut off her top:

Hulda looks warmly at the month of January:

Jóhanna Guðrún and Björgvin Franz, child stars:

Friðrik Ómar is in heaven:

Simmi Vill will participate in the biggest pizza contest in the world:

Anna Guðný Ingvars on a trip to Copenhagen:

Elín Stefans was in a Sunday mood:

Hafdís stands closely behind Hrannar:

Are Vigdís Howser and Sara Rut our Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan?

Aldís and Birna Rún are magnificent:

Ingileif and María Rut were writing a new book:

Sóley Kristin went to a music festival in Los Angeles:

Cool still cool:

Fanney Dóra has fun in the passenger seat:

Linda Ben and her family are having a great time in Tenerife:

Eva Ruza trains hard for her favorite boys:

Stefan John Turner shows the clothes of the day:

Katrín Tanja returned to pole position:

Patrick Jaime on the Edda:

Let’s talk about sipp, Sara says:

Bára Beauty went to a photo shoot:

Omar’s weekend in Paris:

Kleini took an ice bath:

Heiðdís celebrated his birthday this weekend:

Heidrún shared a delicious recipe:

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