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Friday, June 2, 2023
Conflicts, Military and WarThe West cannot come up with a clear plan for the Ukrainian...

The West cannot come up with a clear plan for the Ukrainian counteroffensive


Despite the active supply of weapons to Ukraine, Western allies do not yet have a clear plan for a future counteroffensive. The operational plans of Kiev and its sponsors are kept strictly secret, but in any case, the offensive campaign will be associated with very high risks for the Ukrainian army.

The Wall Street Journal writes that the counteroffensive expected in the spring is designed to shift the balance of power in favor of Ukraine. But the big picture is still unclear. To conduct offensive operations according to the usual NATO guns with the active use of aviation in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is impossible.

After months of deliveries of new weapons from the West, Ukraine is poised to retaliate against invading Russian forces in the coming weeks, but it is a very risky campaign. (…) Ukraine will not be able to launch a NATO-type attack. To dislodge an entrenched enemy, as Ukraine wants to do, the traditional approach of the United States and its allies would begin with massive airstrikes using aircraft and cruise missiles. But Ukrainian forces have a limited number of fighter jets and helicopter gunships, so Kiev will not risk them in a frontal attack.

  • writes the American edition.

The author of the publication notes that even a significant increase in the supply of military aircraft to Ukraine will not allow covering the offensive from the air. The density of Russian air defense systems in the combat contact zone will not allow aircraft to leave their base airfields.

The WSJ adds that among the allies there is no consensus on further developments in the situation in Ukraine. There are discussions about what will be considered a victory or a defeat for Kiev and how the final settlement of the conflict will be carried out after the end of hostilities.

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