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Sunday, June 4, 2023
EntertainmentTaehyung Explains Why It's Difficult For Him To Be With Jungkook: 'Unbearable...

Taehyung Explains Why It’s Difficult For Him To Be With Jungkook: ‘Unbearable Character I Don’t Talk About In Front Of Cameras’


Today, we collected many ARMY comments on Jungkook and V’s friendship and find out why fans say it’s hard to form close friendships with Jungkook. Many fans have noticed that idols, although they seem cheerful and friendly, can be very difficult people in real life. We can’t know for sure, because on the screens everything looks white and fluffy. So why is it hard to be friends with Jungkook?

First, the idol’s busy schedule. Jungkook, like other BTS members, is constantly busy attending concerts, filming music videos, interviews, and other activities. This means either that he has no free time at all, or that he is very limited in it.

Second, fame and popularity. Jungkook is one of the most famous and popular K-pop idols, which means he’s constantly under scrutiny from fans and journalists. This can be a frustrating factor for those who would like to be friends with Jungkook, as he always stays in the spotlight.

Third, the star’s secret. Jungkook, like many idols, has his own comfort zone, and it’s not always easy for him to open up and connect with new people, as they can just be dangerous for him. Reveal Jungkook’s secrets to the public, leak information that shouldn’t have been leaked.

Taehyung’s post explained why it’s hard for him to be with Jungkook: “Unbearable character I keep silent about in front of cameras” appeared first on POPCAKE.

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