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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaUN Security Council rejects Russian resolution on Nord Stream explosions

UN Security Council rejects Russian resolution on Nord Stream explosions


On Monday, the UN Security Council did not back a resolution proposed by Russia, co-sponsored by China, Belarus, Venezuela, North Korea, Nicaragua, Syria and Eritrea, which contains a proposal to launch an international UN investigation into the explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipelines running along the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany initiated in September 2022.

Western countries blamed the explosions at the bottom of the Baltic Sea last September on Russia, but the Kremlin accused the West of sabotage.

Three members of the Security Council – Russia, China and Brazil – voted in favor, the others – 12 countries – abstained. At least nine votes of Security Council members are needed to pass a resolution, and not a single permanent member of the Security Council vetoes it.

Before the resolution was put to the vote, a representative of the Russian delegation explained why Russia considered it important to launch such an investigation.

“We presented this initiative because we have serious and well-founded doubts about the objectivity and transparency of the national investigations carried out by certain European states,” said Vasily Nebenzia, permanent representative to the UN. “They unfortunately demonstrate a lack of intention to cooperate with the parties concerned, in particular with our country, one of the most affected, in order to fully clarify the circumstances of this crime, which has jeopardized various aspects of peace and of international security. ”

Germany, Denmark and Sweden are continuing their national investigations into gas pipeline explosions. It was these investigations that caused many members of the Security Council to abstain from voting. Representatives of several countries, speaking at the meeting, explained that they felt it was necessary to conclude these national surveys first.

According to the United States representative on the Security Council, Russia, even before the results of any investigation, “knew” who to blame. The representative of the American delegation for political affairs, Robert Wood, recalled that already in the first draft resolution proposed by Russia, there were assumptions about the involvement of the United States in the Nord Stream explosions, about the based on what he said were incorrect interpretations of statements made by US officials. Robert Wood categorically denied the accusations of US involvement in the sabotage.

“The United States categorically disputes Russia’s unfounded allegations of involvement in these acts of sabotage,” said Robert Wood. The United States was not involved in any way. Point. As we have already said, the international community cannot allow any deliberate action aimed at destroying critical infrastructure.

The US spokesman said the Russian resolution was an attempt to discredit ongoing domestic investigations and preempt any findings that may diverge from Russia’s political narrative. “The resolution was not an attempt to get to the truth,” he said.

“If Russia is really that worried about the destruction of critical civilian infrastructure, it could demonstrate it through its actions,” Robert Wood said. “Russia says it is extremely concerned about the sabotage of critical infrastructure, while itself relentlessly attacks its neighbour, bombing towns and villages across Ukraine, destroying residential areas and medical facilities .”

Russia began promoting its resolution at the UN after the publication of an investigation by American journalist Seymour Hersh, who in his article claimed that the United States was behind the Nord Stream attacks in September last year. Hersh’s article is based on data from anonymous sources and published by him independently in the networks, without the support of any official Western media.

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