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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
NewsThe Ministry of Transport clarifies the conditions and fees for registering small vessels

The Ministry of Transport clarifies the conditions and fees for registering small vessels

The Ministry of Transportation, through its Twitter account, clarified the conditions and requirements for registering small vessels of less than 200 tons of their four types: (private, fisherman, cruise, and tourist).

After registering the small vessels, the concerned employee will write them down in the register of small vessels and issue their ownership documents, according to the ministry’s website.

Fee prices vary according to the type of registration. The private fee is 100 Qatari riyals, 200 Qatari riyals for fish / travel / tourism / work in Qatari waters, and 1500 riyals for a yacht.

The Ministry specified the conditions and requirements, which are: documents proving ownership of the ship, a copy of the owner’s valid ID card (and the original for matching), a copy of the valid commercial register if the owner is a company (and the original for conformity), and a ship write-off certificate A ship’s write-off certificate if the ship is under Flag of another country, and a letter from the workplace for non-Qataris.

As for the conditions for completing the registration procedures (registration with other authorities), they are represented in obtaining a fishing license from the Fisheries Department if it is a fishing vessel, and registering the vessel’s data by the Coasts and Borders Security Department (all registration cases, and the Licensing Department at the Ministry of Municipality in the case of a license). Tourist.

The form should be filled out and all conditions and requirements must be met, then sent via the e-mail of the Maritime Transport Planning and Licensing Department.

Individuals can use the service "WhatsApp – WhatsApp" of the Maritime Transport Planning and Licensing Department at (974+) 30070703 for general inquiries, and will not disclose any personal information while ensuring data confidentiality, as it is a service for processing general inquiries immediately.

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