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WorldAsiaWhy Environmental Literacy and Culture is Necessary

Why Environmental Literacy and Culture is Necessary


In the 21st century, the century of science and technology, we who live in the vast Russia, in the bright and radiant Crimea, return again and again to the dilemma of cleanliness and order.

When they ask the question: “What is the motherland?” There is an answer – it is: a chamomile meadow, a field of poppies, a pine forest, a birch grove, a plantain on the shore from the road, an ear of wheat, the smell of mint, of warm, fragrant bread, the song of a nightingale, the murmur of the sea, sunset and dawn.

It is Nature in which we live; an immense organism which gives life, faith, love, patriotism.

Over billions of years, nature formed a new force, which was to become the life control center of the planet. This power is a Man who was obliged to decorate the earth, to bring it to prosperity. But today it has become clear that the scientific and technological revolution has brought such changes to the natural environment that threaten the extinction of life, threaten the very existence of mankind on earth. Human well-being and comfort can become a dangerous illusion if we do not think about the conservation of the biosphere. This requires environmental awareness and culture. It must be developed almost from birth in the family, in kindergarten, at school, in technical high school, in institute. It must be nourished in every cell of the body, in the soul and in the heart. People must use the commandment formulated in the fairy tale of A. Saint-Exupéry: “There is such a firm rule: get up in the morning, wash yourself, put yourself in order – and immediately put your planet in order.”

How do you start following the golden rule?

It’s elementary, and it’s within everyone’s reach: clean their premises, create micro-beds, plant shrubs and flowers; throw garbage in the designated place, do not break living plants and trees; do not organize spontaneous landfills, everything can be thrown away, do not throw cats and dogs on the street; do not pollute the earth with cigarette butts, cigarette packets, which are in abundance everywhere and everywhere. Motorists and passengers do not litter the edges of the roads, their condition is beyond reasonable.

Now is the time to take action, kickstart the survival mechanism, instill frugality and even, if you will, love for all living beings in the souls of the younger generations. The future can become terrible, nature will take revenge, evil always comes back with evil. A seed of goodness sown will return with warm sun, blessed rain, clean air, flowing rivers, healing seas, green plants, clean sand, melodic voices of birds.

The unique world in which we live is created by us. People, “turn on” the mind and the conscience, remember that the degradation of nature begins with the degradation of the human soul. We do not always protect what is precious to us. What we have – we don’t store it, but if we lose it – we cry! Let’s do the words of VI Vernadsky:

“We didn’t inherit the Earth from our parents – we borrowed it from our children.”

This is a very obvious truth. Admire nature, treat it like your own body, establish for yourself and for the future generation the golden rules of relations with the biosphere and simply live in a clean house called Planet Earth.

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