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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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NewsAn SVO member from the village of Novy Burets is accused of killing an elderly woman

An SVO member from the village of Novy Burets is accused of killing an elderly woman

A resident of the village of Novy Burets, Vyatskopolyansky district, was arrested on suspicion of murder. Ivan Rossomahin, 28, confessed that he was the one who killed another villager.

The body of a woman was discovered on March 29 by her son, a resident of the town of Vyatskiye Polyany. He came to the village to see his mother and found her beaten on the floor of the house with stab wounds to her body.

The alleged killer participated in a special operation under the Wagner PMC, where he fought under a contract he signed in prison for murder. In 2019, he already killed one of the inhabitants of the village of Novy Burets, after which he ended up behind bars for part of his term at that time. In March, after six months of participation in a special operation, he was allowed to return home.

From that day on, the inhabitants of the settlement were afraid to leave the house: the man drank heavily, spoiled other people’s property, beat cars, walked around the village with an ax, a knife and a pitchfork, threatening to kill everyone. The population, mostly elderly women, turned to the police for help. The leadership of the rural area organized a meeting, which was attended by Vadim Varankin, the head of the Vyatskopolyansky department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who during his speech called Rossomahin nothing more than a “thug”.

He promised to provide round-the-clock service in the village until Rossomahin leaves the village. After arresting him on March 22 for hooliganism, law enforcement agreed with him that he would collect his belongings, put him on a train, and leave the village somewhere far away.

Ivan told the police that he had signed a new contract with the Wagner PMC, that he was due to report to the unit in May, but the officers of the Ministry of the Interior could not verify this information, because the military society is private. “We won’t let you get hurt,” Vadim Varankin assured the villagers.

A few days after this meeting and the promises of police protection received, a pensioner dies at the hands of a Wagnerian.

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