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NewsFolk omens for March 31: what not to do on Cyril's Day...

Folk omens for March 31: what not to do on Cyril’s Day – Deri Poloz


On this day, Orthodox Christians and the Church honor Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, who lived in the 4th century AD. Among the people, the date is associated with beliefs and prohibitions.

In Rus’, the day received the brilliant name Deri Poloz, which fully characterizes the changeable March weather. It was hot during the day and frosts often came at night. Therefore, daredevils who went on a sleigh ride could easily end up on the road in the mud during the day.

At that time, the peasants were actively preparing for field work and sowing. Many worked in gardens and orchards. The sled has been retired for the summer until the next winter season.

Ancestors believed that on the last day of March, Brownie can get naughty – he makes strange sounds, food can burn, things suddenly disappear. In order for the spirit of the house to become benevolent, they put a bowl of milk, a plate of porridge or a piece of bread behind the stove.

March 31 is a good day for doing health and beauty. Any cosmetic or medical procedure will be very effective.

On Cyril’s Day, it is strictly forbidden to visit strangers. Violators of the ban may lose their luck in love or finance. It is also not worth having guests on this day.

You cannot borrow money – the whole year will pass in the fight against debts and financial turmoil.

Do not cut your hair or nails – you will not end up with minor problems.

In order not to harm the household, you do not need to count the eggs collected from the chicken coop during the day. Otherwise, the chickens will be offended and stop laying eggs.

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