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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsStrong confrontations in the cycle of Saleh Saqr

Strong confrontations in the cycle of Saleh Saqr


The Saleh Saqr Ramadan tournament has been a popular event for fans due to the intense competition between the participating teams. The matches have been a struggle, with the ultimate winner being Kafud, a team with significant experience. In the second match of the tournament, Kenya faced off against the Mauritanian community. The Kenyan team played exceptionally well, scoring five goals against the Mauritanian community’s two goals. The match was enjoyed by a large audience, with fans supporting both teams. The Doha Stadium witnessed a distinguished presence of fans during this difficult match.

During the match, Kevin Juma, Clinton Kariuki, and Muhammad Bidah scored goals for the Kenyan team in the 16th, 24th, 33rd, 35th, and 44th minutes. The Mauritanian community team managed to score two goals, which were scored by Abdullah Abdel Fattah and Mohamed Maa El Enein. The match was intense and provided an enjoyable experience for fans.

The tournament continues with two matches in the fourth group. In the first match, Al-Nasr and Ozil FC will compete, while the Yemeni community and Syrian community will face off in the second match. Both teams are seeking to win to secure one of the two qualifying cards for the second round.

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