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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsThe Ministry of Awqaf announces the start of exams (for males) in the Sheikh Jassim Holy Quran Competition

The Ministry of Awqaf announces the start of exams (for males) in the Sheikh Jassim Holy Quran Competition

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs announced the start of exams for (male) citizens participating in the categories branch of the 28th edition of the Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani Holy Quran Competition, on the coming Saturday and Sunday. 18 arbitration committees supervise these tests, which will take place in the Imam Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab Mosque, during the evening period, starting at 3:30 after the Asr prayer.

In a related context, the exams for (female) citizens continue in the categories branch, which started yesterday, Wednesday, and will continue until next Sunday, as 14 women’s committees supervise their exams, which are held at the headquarters of the Women’s Memorization Division in Al Waab. The number of citizens registered to participate in the categories branch of the competition is about 610 contestants, of whom 193 are males and 417 are females. The organizing committee of the competition stated that all the examination committees for females in the categories and buds branches are well-articulated women who are proficient in memorizing the Book of God. Karim and his family.

The committee noted the electronic system adopted in the arbitration process in the competition examination committees, noting that the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, represented by the Department of Information Systems, devised this smart system several years ago, which allows each arbitrator to write down the results directly electronically, so that the system counts them for all contestants, and from Then categorize them to determine the winners and grades and ratings for each participant in the competition. The Organizing Committee of the competition has also allocated valuable financial rewards for all winners of the categories branch, according to the appreciation in each category, in addition to financial prizes for the distinguished people with good votes for the categories branch, and financial prizes for the outstanding students in each of the five categories in the same branch. The competition also allocated rewarding financial prizes for all the winners in the Al-Baraem branch, according to their appreciation, so that the participants would compete in the most honorable field, which is the field of memorizing the Noble Qur’an. It is worth noting that the competitions of the Baraem branch for males ended today, Thursday, while the tests for females, Al-Baraem, concluded on Wednesday. The total number of citizens and residents registered in the Al-Baraem branch reached (1681) contestants, as (508) citizens registered in the branch, including (268) males and (240) females, while the number of registered residents reached (1173) contestants, of whom (641) males and (532) females.

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