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Sunday, June 4, 2023
NewsWhat about Qatar?.. Surprises in the ranking of Arab and Gulf countries...

What about Qatar?.. Surprises in the ranking of Arab and Gulf countries in terms of cost of living and quality of life


The NUMBEO global database index of quality of life in the world showed the presence of 5 Arab countries in the first 50 positions, in addition to 4 other countries within the classification, which included 84 countries.

The Netherlands topped the global ranking with an index "Nambio" In terms of quality of life, it is followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Finland, Iceland, Austria, Oman, Australia and Norway. The classification of Arab countries within the index is as follows:

Oman 1 in the Arab world 8 globally with 184.7 points UAE 2 in the Arab world 15 in the world with 175.7 points Qatar 3 in the Arab world 20 globally with 167.5 points.

Saudi Arabia is 4 in the Arab world, 32 in the world, with 151.8 points.

Kuwait is 5 in the Arab world, 49 in the world, with 125.0 points.

Jordan is 6th in the Arab world and 56th in the world, with 116.8 points.

Morocco is 7th in the Arab world and 63rd globally, with 106.5 points. Egypt is 8 in the Arab world and 75 in the world, with 90.8 points. Lebanon is 9th in the Arab world and 77th in the world, with 88.9 points.

cost of living:

In the cost of living index, Bermuda, Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Norway, Singapore, Iceland, Jersey and Denmark rank in the top ten globally.

The list included many Arab and Gulf countries, which are arranged as follows:

Lebanon 27 UAE 36 Qatar 38 Yemen 39 Saudi Arabia 54 Oman 60 Kuwait 62 Jordan 63 Iraq 112 Morocco 120 Algeria 126 Tunisia 130 Syria 131 Libya 136 Egypt 139.

And classified "Nambio" Quality of life in the countries of the world based on statistical factors such as purchasing power, security, health care, cost of living and real estate prices compared to people’s income, mobility, pollution and climate.

The site relies on surveying people’s opinions on topics such as consumer prices, crime rates, health care quality and other statistics.

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