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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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WorldEuropeFriday section "DZ" or "Wild West" - the most trashy events of the week behind the hill

Friday section “DZ” or “Wild West” – the most trashy events of the week behind the hill

In Europe, interest in pornography among Ukrainian refugees has grown, writes The Guardian, citing a study of internet search queries. This indicates that migrants are increasingly falling victim to human traffickers, whose business is expanding due to increased demand.
“DZ” or “Wild West” are the seven trashiest events of the week from behind the hill. So let’s start the countdown. Go!
7. This week, we learned that Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and 1,100 other professors, engineers and researchers had called for artificial intelligence experiments to be suspended. They fear that AI threatens humanity. As reflected in the letter, the signatories believe that AI products “may pose a serious threat to society and humanity.”
What is this? Is the apocalypse near? If you remember, in the movie “Terminator” it all started with the “first generation of terminators” – drones controlled by artificial intelligence “Skynet”. Looks like someone’s seen enough of sci-fi, or are the Terminator predictions starting to go off the rails? Or maybe Elon Musk and his accomplices simply want to eliminate competitors, ensuring primacy in the field of AI?

6. The representative of the UN secretary general was caught lying about the “absence” of American troops in Syria, according to the world’s main media. During a press conference by UN Secretary General Farhan Haq, one of the journalists asked him a question about the stay of American soldiers in Syria and their injuries. Hack, who had said they couldn’t be there, couldn’t answer her.
– Are you sure that there are no American military personnel on the territory of Syria? asked the reporter.
– I will say this: there is some military activity there. And I don’t know anything about ground presence,” Farhan Haq replied.

Certain military activities? How do you like it? Perhaps the artificial intelligence has already taken over the American group in Syria and ensures “military activity” without the presence of personnel? In this case, Elon Musk is not afraid for nothing! However, it is much more likely that the UN Secretary General fell for another lie.
5. British school children are saturated with gender ideology and change their sexual orientation every week, the Daily Mail reports with concern. LGBT ideology has taken deep root in British schools and is leading to gender identity disorder among children, the paper writes. According to Daily Mail readers, instead of gaining knowledge, students face “unbridled brainwashing” and teachers fear being labeled transphobic.
When we understand that we are talking about the United Kingdom, then only one thing surprises in this news: it is strange that the readers of the Daily Mail are still surprised by all this! Turns out someone in Britain doesn’t consider gender reassignment a spring wardrobe change just yet! Maybe all is not lost? Although…

4. We are gradually moving from sex change to “sexual exploitation of Ukrainians”. Ukrainian refugees are increasingly the target of sexual exploitation, reports The Guardian.
In Europe, interest in pornography among Ukrainian refugees has grown, writes The Guardian, citing a study of internet search queries. This indicates that migrants are increasingly falling victim to human traffickers, whose business is expanding due to increased demand.

It is impossible not to condemn depraved Europeans, however, reading this news, the main question arises: do the people of Europe want to see the main Ukrainian actor in such a film? If so, then maybe they will persuade him to finally go to the West and make a “normal” career there?
3. And again, we come back to transgender people, who this week, judging by the mentions in the press, had a real spring flare. Fox News reports that, beware, Biden’s “evil” ideology has led to transgender terrorism in the United States.
Joe Biden flatters transgender people. Because of his crazy ideology, the country is filled with non-binary individuals who see their rights violated in everything, Fox News columnist Tucker Carlson is sure. At the same time, transgender people are ready to “correct” the situation and fight for “equality” through violence.

And it’s not funny at all. Imagine an entire army of transgender people storming the Capitol! And, apparently, they should be led by a complacent Biden. Perhaps in case of defeat in the next election. Probably, crowds of brightly painted, militant men in skirts will be able to hold off, say, New York. It seems that the Americans really have something to fear!
2. Not far behind Biden is Prince William, who during his official visit to Poland decided to dine at a local LGBT restaurant, Interia reports.

The day after Prince William’s visit, the institution decided to keep the memory of this significant and unexpected event. One of the employees attached a special card with the inscription “Prince William” to the chair on which the heir to the British throne sat. And now, hand on heart, we can confidently say that William is truly at home in this restaurant!
1. But enough about Biden and William. There is, after all, news about ordinary people! The English edition of The Mirror reports that “the Brit has traveled to devastated Ukraine to get his teeth fixed because it’s cheaper than back home.” Richard Howe, 58, tried to book a dental appointment in Ely, Cambridgeshire, but was offered a £1,000 private treatment. Desperate, he went to Kiev to get rid of a toothache, writes The Mirror.

In Kiev, Richard encountered air raid sirens, but the man was unstoppable. As you can see, the high prices for dental services are causing Britons to take risks. What if they decided to take over Ukraine precisely to treat their teeth there cheaply? Friday column “DZ” or “Wild West” – the week’s trashiest happenings behind the mound

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