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NewsHow to clean very dirty glass in the easiest way

How to clean very dirty glass in the easiest way


A good tip for keeping your windows clean is to try to schedule your windows to be cleaned at regular intervals each time to prevent a lot of dirt from accumulating there, making them difficult to remove. Remember to do this also when there is not too much sun, because the glasses dry very quickly and can leave streaks.

How to clean windows: step by step instructions

Although it’s very simple, step-by-step window cleaning can be more enjoyable if you do it to music. Step 1. You will need a mixture of equal parts water and cleaning vinegar. It is also suitable for mirrors and partitions Step 2. Spray from top to bottom. Step 3 Wipe with a microfiber cloth. Then wipe it with another clean product. Another option is to use cotton towels, as they don’t leave lint either.

How to clean window glass from the outside

To properly clean the windows, you can use several methods, and they are all simple. The secret to an impeccable result is to dry them well so that they don’t leave traces of the product. To be sure, it is advisable to make movements first vertically, then horizontally. Soap. One of the most popular and effective means. Add some dish soap to a bowl of water. Before cleaning, dampen the sponge and wring it well. Rinse and pat dry with paper towel Vinegar. Mix three parts water with one part white vinegar or cleaning vinegar and add a few drops of lemon (this can be an essential oil). Dry with newspaper, as it leaves an invisible layer which makes the surface of the glass more resistant to stains. Ventilate the room and protect your hands and eyes every time you are going to use it. Mix hot water with lots of ammonia. Apply, wipe and dry with alcohol glass cleaner. Mix water with 96 degree alcohol and apply the liquid to newspaper. Very useful for stains on the glass of the fingers.

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