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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsHave you ever asked yourself what is in the Qatari ambulance helicopter? video

Have you ever asked yourself what is in the Qatari ambulance helicopter? video

The Air Ambulance Unit of Hamad Medical Corporation is an ambulance unit dedicated to the rapid transportation of patients and injured in emergency cases to the Corporation’s hospitals. This service is a very important element for providing health care to patients and injured, especially those who are in remote areas or far from the city.

According to Hamad Medical Corporation, all helicopters belonging to this unit are equipped with the latest medical emergency equipment, and there are on board each helicopter, two paramedics in addition to two pilots. In this report, you will find the most important contents of this ambulance helicopter.

Continuous wireless communication with different parties

While hosting the programme "Mastery" Which is broadcast on Qatar TV, Mr. Ali Darwish, Assistant Executive Director of the Ambulance Service of Hamad Medical Corporation, said that the helmet worn by air paramedics on their heads ensures direct and continuous communication with the front section, which is the Navigation and Command Department, the National Command Center, and Hamad Medical Corporation, in addition to To the medical authority that will receive the patient who is being treated.

??? video | Mr. Ali Darwish, Assistant Executive Director of the Ambulance Service of Hamad Medical Corporation, briefs us on the most important contents of the helicopter of the Ambulance Services@EtqanShow #East _ in _ Ramadan _ is _ not #Ramadan_in_Qatar pic.twitter.com/m20iEJ2CLU

  • Qatari media Newspaper – Qatar (@alsharq_portal) April 3, 2023

High-tech medical devices

Mr. Ali Darwish stated that the Corporation attracted the best and most recent medical devices, pointing out that the medical emergency equipment contained in the helicopter is equivalent to the equipment found in ambulances in terms of modernity and high technologies, and it also contains medical equipment and devices that can be found in the operating rooms of Hamad Hospital.

He continued, adding that the medical devices on board the helicopter, such as heart devices, broadcast instant signals to Hamad Medical Corporation that transmit all the vital signs of the patient, and therefore the medical staff receiving the dangerous case is on standby and aware of all the measures that were taken before arrival.

Paramedics with special training

The Assistant Executive Director of the Ambulance Service also indicated that the paramedics on board the air ambulance have received special training of the highest levels, with the aim of qualifying them to be in the ambulance helicopter, and enabling them to deal with all types of critical emergency cases in the air.

He explained that the special training that air paramedics undergo is of two types, namely, physical exercises to raise physical fitness such as swimming and diving, and physical endurance exercises. And medical training, which is training in following up on the patient’s condition and dealing with it. These trainings are continuous and annual, to ensure keeping pace with global medical development and global recommendations.

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