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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsEaster 2023 - what decorative trends are at the height of fashion in Germany

Easter 2023 – what decorative trends are at the height of fashion in Germany

Spring is fast approaching and arriving sooner than expected. Already, many people are thinking about their first outdoor activities. Finally we can party again in the garden! And at Easter, of course, look for the hidden eggs.

If the Easter weather does not allow you to enjoy the holidays outdoors, you can create an unusual atmosphere indoors by decorating your house especially for this holiday. What’s trending this year?

pure nature

According to Berlin interior designer Ed Kaml of Ed Interior Design, “natural colors and materials are the trend”. “Houseplants and twigs have become centerpieces,” he notes. – For tablecloths and napkins, you can choose linen. Handmade Easter eggs, as well as the use of moss and tree bark for decoration, are perfectly combined with this natural fabric.

Gold and black

Another trend that has been going on for years is gold Easter decorations. However, the excitement is gradually waning – but black, on the contrary, is becoming more and more popular as a decorative color. According to Ed Kaml, it all depends on the style. If you want classic-modern, you can’t do without a golden hue. ”For all fans of gold, this is a good sign – do not get rid of such decor just yet. In 2023 it can still sparkle, shine and shine.

Well, subject to minimalism, you can use black decorative figures in the interior.

DIY Easter Decorations

Looks like the classic eggshell chick has disappeared as an Easter decoration, says Reinhardt Kirchner, owner of Exedra Möbel & Accessories in Berlin. In general, seasonal decorations are becoming less and less numerous. Last year, for example, there were often leftover 2021 products on sale.

One of the reasons is that homework is back in fashion. Kirchner agrees: “Painting eggs is just fun. “Also, a lot of people now have to save,” he adds.

This year, Easter decorations are best placed on a platter or plate. On the one hand, everything can be beautifully arranged, on the other hand, it can be removed without much effort when needed.

Violet and pastel colors

Reinhardt Kirchner increasingly chooses pastel colors for Easter decorations: pink, orange and green. Fresh plants are also essential. Her current favorite: eucalyptus branches in simple, modern vases. Tulips are also beautiful. With their color, they bring spring into the house.

In addition to pastel shades, purple is the absolute favorite this year. In particular, lavender gives Easter decorations an early spring cheer.

The pearl trend fits perfectly into this trend. This year it also appeared on the Easter table. Beautiful and shiny, it harmonizes perfectly with pastel and purple tones and adds elegance to the whole decoration. Easter eggs with a typical creamy-white pearlescent hue are popular this year.

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