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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsGrace of Kostroma: A man who stole 50 chocolates was released in peace

Grace of Kostroma: A man who stole 50 chocolates was released in peace

Today in the Sverdlovsky District Court in Kostroma the “criminal story” ended, which began on New Year’s Eve, when a certain resident of the town stole a pack of 50 MILKA chocolates from a store shelf and fled (although he was noticed and caught on video cameras).

Soon the suspect was arrested – and he honestly confessed everything and said that, being unemployed, he was interrupted by odd jobs and just before the New Year he was without money. Not knowing how to get funds for the New Year’s table, Kostroma thought of nothing better than to commit a crime – then he sold the stolen chocolates for 40 rubles each and spent all the profits on food .

Witnesses confirmed Kostromich’s words, and the defendant’s defense filed a motion to dismiss the criminal case – they say that the criminal repented, fully compensated for the damages, the victim denied the claims and don’t insist on punishment…

And – it happens! – The Sverdlovsk District Court accepted the arguments of the defense and let the chocolate thief go home in peace. The court’s verdict has not yet entered into force, but the prosecutor’s office has already announced that it will not appeal. Happy ending though…

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