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Monday, December 4, 2023
Pink PageHave a nice trip to Iceland and happy with the flight with Play despite the lack of sleep and...

Have a nice trip to Iceland and happy with the flight with Play despite the lack of sleep and the increase in ticket prices

Insider’s Asia Palomba talks about her recent trip to Iceland and flying with Play in an article on Initiated. Palomba says she is happy with the flight, despite the fact that the ticket price with additional fees ended up being comparable to other budget airlines and the non-Christian flight time caused her to be deprived of sleep in the country for the four days. journey. However, this does not appear to have been a fault as on Instagram Palomba says of the country:

“This is truly one of the wildest, largest and most breathtaking places I have ever been to. My brain was about to explode from the start.”

In the article, Palomba talks about the flight from when she and her boyfriend booked the flight to when they landed in Keflavík. This review should give potential Insiders readers an idea of ​​what to expect if they choose to fly with Play.

“I visited Iceland for the first time in March and flew with Play, an Icelandic low-cost airline. I paid $500 for a seat with more legroom, flight insurance and checked baggage. The ticket ended up costing more than expected,” says Palomba, who flew with her boyfriend in March from Boston Logan Airport.

She says she chose Play because the ticket was advertised at $180 for a four-day trip, which she said was cheaper than other airlines at the time. 22 kg, $36 for 11 kg of hand luggage. , $82 for a seat for each of them with extra legroom on both flights, and $48 for each of them for Play’s flight insurance, which would cover a refund if either of them between them fell ill and could not travel to Iceland or back.

“When I went to buy our tickets with the options, I realized that the $180 fare didn’t seem so cheap anymore. With baggage, extra seats and fees, each ticket now totaled $500,” Palomba says.

Although the ticket price had increased and the flight was an overnight flight, the couple decided to book with Play because the ticket price was still cheaper than with other airlines, and Palomba says the Departure time was the only one available from Boston to Iceland. . The couple then arrived at the airport around 5pm and the flight was scheduled for 7.15pm, they checked in online and returned the bag to reception.

Palomba notes that there is no free food or drink on the flight, so they filled their water bottles and bought some food to take with them for the flight, which lasted five and a half hours. The flight was scheduled and all went well, but she says there was then a 40-minute delay while the crew searched for the missing passengers.

The couple flew in an Airbus A321neo plane and Palomba says she noticed the gray seats had no headrests and the simple layout reminded her of other low-cost planes she had flown on.

“I sat in the middle seat with more legroom in the third row of the plane and found it roomy. The seats with more legroom are 32 to 35 inches wide. legroom, while regular seats are 29-30″. My backpack, wallet, and water bottle fit under the seat in front of me, leaving plenty of room to stretch my legs. J saw a USB port under the seats, which I could use to charge my phone during the flight. There were also small gray hooks on the sides of each seat where I could hang a small bag or purse. Good that Play does not offer free refreshments, there was a menu in the seat pocket with snacks, drinks and alcoholic beverages for purchase, with prices in Euros,” says Palomba She says staff offered the first service on board within 30 minutes of departure and that two other such services were available. Only contactless debit or credit cards would be accepted to pay for food and drink, not cash.

“Before our flight, I read online that Play does not offer inflight entertainment, so we downloaded movies and shows to our devices in advance. We also brought maps with us. was pleasantly surprised to find that the bathroom was cleaner than most planes I’ve been in. Although small, there were two large mirrors on the walls which I think made the bathroom look bigger. ‘space.”

Around 9:30 p.m. Boston time, staff took care of turning off the lights, according to Palomba, who says she can never sleep on a plane. “The plane landed in Keflavík at 4:45 a.m. local time. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open leaving the plane as it was technically 1 a.m. for me and I hadn’t slept in almost 24 hours. Overall I thought it was an ok flight and appreciated the polite staff and clean bathroom But the overnight trip disrupted my sleep schedule which was to continue throughout my four-day trip.”

Palomba says she would only consider flying with Play again if she was visiting Iceland for a longer period or if the airline offered a flight with a later landing time in Iceland. “Unless Play tickets are significantly cheaper, I would probably book with another airline for more comfort and more flexible departures next time,” says Palomba, who had noted earlier in the article that this was the only departure time available from the airport in question.

As mentioned earlier, Palomba seems to be mostly happy with the airline even though the price has gone up with the additions and like most foreign tourists she has fallen off despite lack of sleep in letters about the country, but she has posted a few photos of his stay on Instagram.

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