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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsAdditional roads will be repaired in the Tver region

Additional roads will be repaired in the Tver region

Photo: Tver region.rf Tver

Governor Igor Rudenya held a meeting of the regional budget commission. The problems of expanding the list of roads that will be repaired under the regional program of targeted investment, the state program “Development of the transport complex and road infrastructure of the Tver region” and the national project ” High Quality Safe Roads” in 2023-2024 have been taken into account.

So, in 2023, as part of the targeted investment program, in addition to previously planned works, work will also begin on the Tver-Lotoshino-Shakhovskaya-Uvarovka roads (to the Avtovaz logistics complex); at the entrance to the village of Shosha near the Volga Sea Group; on Tsvetochnaya street in Tver and bridges over the Raichona river on the Torzhok-Ostashkov highway and the Vedemya river on the Mikhailovskoye-Vlasyevo-Vishnyakovo highway. In addition, it is planned to build outdoor lighting lines at the entrances to the cities of Nelidovo and Zapadnaya Dvina.

Within the framework of the AIP, this year, work continues on a number of crossing facilities – the Bolshoe Eskino – Trestino – Zhdanovo, Moscow – Riga – Rzhev roads, the road and the overpass crossing the track railway from the Peterburgskoye highway to Pasha Savelyeva street in alignment with Frunze street, the entrance to the industrial area “Borovlevo – 2”.

According to the state program “Development of the transport complex and road infrastructure of the Tver region”, the repair of the Myalitsino-Daniltsevo road in the Kashinsky district, the work of which began last year, will will continue.

This year, under the state program, design specifications will be developed to ensure transportation safety at five facilities. We are talking about bridges over the Volga in Staritsa, Kosha near the village of Grishkino in the Kalinin district, Doibitsa near the village of Shosha in the Konakovo district, overpasses on the railway near the village of Redkino in the Kalinin district and the Tver -Route Lotoshino-Shakhovskaya-Uvarovka in Tver. Work will begin on the overpasses of the Oktyabrskaya railway in Torzhok, on sections of the M-11 high-speed road near the village of Redkino and the village of Ogurtsovo in the Konakovo district.

Additional facilities will be repaired as part of the national “Safe Quality Roads” project. In 2023, work will begin on sections of the roads Vyshny Volochek – Bezhetsk – Sonkovo, Kvakshino – Vashutino, Kuvshinovo – Zaovrazhye – Bolshoy Borok, Tver – Bezhetsk – Vesyegonsk – Ustyuzhna, Nerl – Sknyatino, Sonkovo ​​- Lavrovo – Krasny Kholm and Taldom – Nerl. In addition, they will start repairing the Kirilkovo – Rvenitsa – Svapusche, Tver – Bezhetsk – Vesyegonsk – Ustyuzhna roads, the old direction through the village of Mednoye, the Tver – Lotoshino – Shakhovskaya – Uvarovka interchange and Promyshlennaya street in Konakovo .

Within the framework of the national project, work will continue on the overhaul of the bridges over the rivers Kud in the Penovskaya district, Volchin in the Udomelsky district, Slaughterhouse and Malaya Itomlya in the Rzhev district, Kesma in the Vesyegonsky district , Tifina in the Maksatikhinsky district, Medveditsa on the Tver – Bezhetsk – Vesyegonsk – Ustyuzhna route and across Lake Seliger on the Ostashkov – Selizharovo – Rzhev route.

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