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Sunday, December 10, 2023
Pink PageAnita improved her self-confidence thanks to a trip to Iceland and overcame post-traumatic stress disorder and depression

Anita improved her self-confidence thanks to a trip to Iceland and overcame post-traumatic stress disorder and depression

Anita Sethi traveled to Iceland on her own and says the trip helped her improve her self-confidence and overcome post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Sethi has been to Iceland twice. On the first trip, she injured herself just after arriving in the country and vowed to return when she recovered.

“I was walking in the Mosfellsbær mountains when I slipped and broke a bone in my right arm. The accident also affected my sense of balance. It happened the day after I arrived, so I don’t hadn’t seen much of the country when I fell,” she says. article she wrote about the trip to Iceland.

She says that during rehabilitation she longed for the land of fire and ice and the anticipation of returning to Iceland helped her through the difficult time and thoughts of hiking, swimming and driving around the country. When Anita recovered, she returned to Iceland and again traveled alone.

“I was determined not to let the accident stop me from traveling.” And traveling alone helped me overcome the PTSD and depression I struggled with after the accident, and boosted my confidence.

Anita says she was not alone at all even though she was traveling alone. She made a group trip to Þingvalli and says the group guide encouraged her to keep walking: “I believe in you!”

“After the accident, I woke up from sleep feeling like I was falling and breaking, and even walking a few steps made me recoil from stress. The trauma shatters faith in yourself, in others, and in the world, but Little by little I overcame that. I put one foot in front of the other, feeling myself grow stronger with each step. As I crossed the bridge between two continents, my heart rang out, “I believe in you!”

Wonderful hotel manager

Anita returned to Mosfellsbær where she was injured, there she stayed at the Laxnes Hotel, as on the previous trip. She admires Anna the hotel manager and says she helped her after her accident. The room had a view of the Mosfellsdal mountains, and Anita says she felt at peace looking at the natural beauty.

Anita has been to both Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon in Reykjavík and loves both and says the lagoons have helped her rehabilitation.

It is clear that Anita has not had enough of Iceland at all because she says she is impatient to come back.

“I can’t wait to come back in the summer and bask in the midnight sun.” My return to Iceland made me feel that we can learn a lot from one of the most eco-friendly countries about how to live better. I try to stick to what I’ve learned from Nordic wisdom and optimism and the Icelandic saying “it’s gonna work out”, everything will work out. I’m glad I didn’t let the accident stop me from traveling and discovering the world. I crossed canyons and observed craters. I visited volcanoes and magnificent geysers. I swam in starry pools. In this land of ice and fire, I arrived broken and I came back restored.”

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