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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaIs Joe Biden hiding the truth from the world, not Ukraine, America is fighting a war with Russia, why...

Is Joe Biden hiding the truth from the world, not Ukraine, America is fighting a war with Russia, why are experts saying this?

Washington. Recently, the American investigative agency FBI has arrested 21-year-old Jack Teixeira. There are allegations on Teixeira that it was because of him that an incident like the Pentagon leak took place, after which America’s relations with friends have also deteriorated. Many such important information has come out in the Pentagon leak which is shocking. On the other hand, according to the defense and political experts of America, this whole matter is not related to how important documents were leaked from the Pentagon or who did it. Rather, the question should be on the information contained in the documents. He says that these documents contain many such information related to the war between Russia and Ukraine, which shows the incompetence and dishonesty of President Joe Biden’s administration.

Ukraine’s position weakened? According to the New York Times, these documents clearly show how Ukraine is struggling in air defense. Also, his plan to respond aggressively to Russia has also failed. According to the newspaper, the information that has come out shows in which direction the war is going. Cameroonian journalist Simon Ateba, who works as the White House Correspondent for Today News Africa, has come up with some shocking information. According to Simon, many Americans have been forced to think whether the amount being spent by the Biden administration on the war in Ukraine is really in their interest? According to Simon, the Biden administration has spent the money of the honest taxpayers of America in this war.

American soldiers in the war in Ukraine! The American public has been told that there are no American troops in Ukraine. Whereas it is known from these leaks that US forces are stationed in Ukraine. This fact has been confirmed by John Kirby from Fox News in the past. It was also revealed from these documents that the army of Ukraine is in great trouble. It has been learned from the documents that while 16 to 17,500 Russian soldiers have died, the death toll on the Ukrainian side is 71,000. Many experts believe that Defense Minister Lloyd Austin’s statement that Ukraine is winning this war is not true. Now the Biden administration is trying to cover up this leak. These experts say that in the guise of Ukraine, America is actually engaged in fighting a war with Russia.

The truth came to know because of Jack Teixeira Jack Teixeira has been arrested recently from his home in North Dayton Massachusetts. It is being said that the documents he shared on an online group reached the public on Twitter and Telegram. These documents contained information about the Russia-Ukraine war as well as about America’s allies who spy on its enemies. Jack Teixeira was stationed at Otis Air National Guard Base in Cape God as an Airman in the Air National Guard of Massachusetts. It is believed that he will now get severe punishment. Apart from court martial, he may have to stay in jail for many years.

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