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Saturday, December 2, 2023
NewsRepresentative office of the Qatar Red Crescent in N'Djamena

Representative office of the Qatar Red Crescent in N’Djamena

The Qatar Red Crescent has concluded a tripartite partnership agreement with the Chadian Red Cross and the Chadian Ministry of Public Health, with the aim of enhancing joint humanitarian cooperation to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations in the Republic of Chad. The cooperation agreement was signed on the part of the Qatar Red Crescent by His Excellency Mr. Youssef bin Ali Al-Khater, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and on the Chadian side, Mr. Khala Ahmed Senussi, President of the Chadian Red Cross, and Dr. Youssef Mohamed El Nour Shatta, Consultant at the Chadian Ministry of Public Health. The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Faisal Mohammed Al-Emadi, Acting Secretary-General, Dr. Mohamed Salah Ibrahim, Director of the International Relief and Development Sector, Mr. Adel Ali Al-Baker, Director of the Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mohammed Rashid Al-Marri, Director of the Communication and Public Relations Department, and Mr. Saeed Tijani, Head of the Asia and East Unit. Middle. After the signing ceremony, Mr. Youssef Al-Khater welcomed the conclusion of this tripartite agreement, which sets a legal framework for the work of the Qatar Red Crescent inside Chad, with the aim of providing various types of assistance needed by the people, and building the capabilities of the Chadian Red Cross in the humanitarian and relief fields. He added, “This cooperation comes within the framework of the Qatar Red Crescent’s commitment to its humanitarian mission to support the needy everywhere, and stems from the depth of the brotherly relations between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Chad. The Qatar Red Crescent shares with the Chadian Red Cross in areas of work and goals, represented in providing relief to those affected by humanitarian crises and improving their conditions. We hope that this agreement will benefit the brotherly Chadian people, and that it will achieve the desired goals.” For his part, Mr. Youssef Shatta expressed his happiness in cooperating with the Qatar Red Crescent, stressing that it plays an important role in providing support to the needy in the region. He said, “This agreement will contribute to consolidating joint cooperation and expanding the circle of humanitarian contributions of the Qatar Red Crescent. We thank the Qatar Red Crescent for providing the opportunity to conclude this agreement, as a continuation of the existing cooperation between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Chad. Mr. Khala Senussi said: “We were pleased with the hospitality, and we are honored by this tripartite agreement that took place during one of the days of the holy month, which is the month of mercy and forgiveness. We hope that the cooperation between the Qatar Red Crescent, the Chadian Ministry of Public Health and the Chadian Red Cross will continue. Under the agreement, the Qatar Red Crescent establishes a representative office for it in the Republic of Chad, with the aim of strengthening relations with the Chadian Red Cross under the umbrella of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and direct field supervision of the implementation of humanitarian projects and programmes, with the help of Chadian Red Cross cadres to provide assistance that meets The most important needs of the Chadian people, in addition to the exchange of experiences and skills between the two fellow National Societies, in accordance with the vision of the Qatar Red Crescent and its strategic plan.

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