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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsKirkorov opened up about his relationship with Aziza

Kirkorov opened up about his relationship with Aziza

Photo: personal blog of Philip Kirkorov on social networks

Philip Kirkorov and Aziza have been friends for 35 years. When the artist was in a difficult position because of the death of Igor Talkov, only the singer did not turn away from her. In turn, Philip admitted that he had feelings for a colleague, but she constantly distanced herself from him, according to the program “You won’t believe it!”.

Aziza explained that after the death of singer Igor Talkov, all doors closed in front of her. Her fans indirectly blamed the woman for the death of their idol, because it was during a fight with her bodyguard that the artist received fatal injuries. And only Philip and his family did not leave her alone in trouble.

  • Philippe was the only one who came to my house, brought me money. He knew I had nothing to pay for the apartment. There wasn’t even money for groceries,” Aziza said.

Kirkorov admitted that he really liked his colleague. Aziza was also ready to see the artist’s mother as his wife. But the singer is “constantly floating somewhere” away from him.

And although Aziza did not have strong feelings for Kirkorov, she nevertheless became jealous of him in the Lada Dance backing vocalist. It almost came to a fight. After that, Lada received the nickname “fly” due to the special structure of the eyes.

The singer herself did not know that Kirkorov called her that behind her back. But she was not offended, considering his remarks as friendly jokes. Also, Lada Dance had a crush on Philip.

Earlier, Glavny Regionalny wrote that Kirkorov’s speech in St. Petersburg was considered LGBT propaganda.

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