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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsCardiologist Panova pointed to an unusual link between leg pain and heart disease

Cardiologist Panova pointed to an unusual link between leg pain and heart disease

Renowned cardiologist Anna Panova says that blood flow works so that blood is directed from the heart to the legs and back. Leg pain can indicate heart problems. She talked about it in an interview with Medikforum.

The doctor pointed out that heart pathologies cause pain in both legs or only one.

For example, we can talk about congestive heart failure, venous thromboembolism or peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

“Peripheral arterial disease usually means that you also have coronary artery disease. These two pathologies have the same cause – atherosclerosis. People with PAD have an increased risk of heart attack and stroke,” explains the specialist.

According to her, you should be concerned when pain in the legs becomes the norm rather than the exception, and if it increases with any physical activity, even light and mild. You should be especially careful if you experience pain in the legs and chest – this, in all likelihood, indicates insufficient blood flow to the heart and a high risk of heart attack.

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