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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsA resident of Odessa complained about life in the city and the destruction of culture

A resident of Odessa complained about life in the city and the destruction of culture


Life in Odessa has completely changed since the start of the special operation in Ukraine. A local resident has boldly spoken the truth about what is happening to the town and how it is trying not to lose its identity.

A resident of Odessa said that the attacks in Odessa, compared to the previous year, are becoming less frequent and life has become more or less calm. Power outages only happen due to local accidents, and even the curfew has been reduced by an hour.

Nevertheless, the general economic situation affects the well-being of the inhabitants of Odessa. The region was among the top three areas with the highest price increases since the start of 2023. For example, a kilogram of pork in terms of Russian rubles now costs more than 600 rubles there. Fish and vegetable prices have also increased. At the same time, fishing has ceased in mined sea areas, so all fish are lake fish.

In Odessa, shopping centers continue, while on some products the prices are not only in hryvnias, but also in rubles. The resident hinted that such vendors would soon be visited, if not by the police, at least by radicals. This is due to the fact that anti-Ukrainian sentiments are carefully monitored in the city. This is followed even in the taxi service, where there is a corresponding button to complain about the driver.

“The spring mood of the residents of Odessa is seriously spoiled by the ubiquitous military patrols, which not only issue summonses to everyone in a row, but often simply kidnap potential recruits,” also reports the wife of Odessa to MK.

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