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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsia"Our everything in the fashion world." How stars and politicians reacted to the death of fashion designer Vyacheslav...

“Our everything in the fashion world.” How stars and politicians reacted to the death of fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev

Fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev died on April 30 at the age of 85. According to preliminary information, the cause of death was internal bleeding. Show business stars, TV presenters, journalists, politicians and colleagues have expressed their condolences on the passing of the ‘national fashion patriarch’.

Singer Alla Pugacheva: “Farewell, my friend. Thank you for everything”.

Fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev and singer Alla PugachevaValery Sharifulin/TASS

TV presenter and showman Maxim Galkin *: “Our everything in the fashion world of the Soviet era. Cheerful spiritual person. What incredible parades, talented collections, innovative models, he has traveled a long and unforgettable creative path! May his memory be blessed.”

Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova “Condolences to family, friends, all of us. What a blessing I managed to visit, as I now understand, the last gala last summer in Zaryadye and talk with Vyacheslav Mikhailovich! It was a show of different years over several decades. Blessed memory and Kingdom of Heaven!

tv presenter Vladimir Pozner : “(Zaitsev) had a very difficult time – he always did his own thing, but gradually, of course, he won. The person is exceptionally talented, friendly, kind, smiling. In general, I liked him very much And when the person we loved leaves, there is always a little hole in the heart.

“And Glory in general, it’s a whole era. And he entered and will remain in the history of the development of Russia.

Singer, People’s Artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina: “Every creation of Zaitsev is a masterpiece, an example of impeccable taste and high quality. When Slava worked on the costumes for Russian Song, he worked individually with each member of the ensemble. He’ll throw a rag at a person, then walk away, look appraisingly, and deliver a verdict himself: “There’s no set.” There is no energy. There is no power.” And takes it all back.

Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev: “Vyacheslav Zaitsev is the pride of Russian fashion. The first men’s fashion designer who, from 1965, brought Soviet fashion closer to international canons of style and beauty, not to mention folk traditions and national color.

Fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev and fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev (left to right) Vyacheslav Prokofiev / TASS

“His fashion shows became legendary, models became taste leaders, and stars of pop, film and theater lined up for his model dresses. <…> Eternal memory to the patriarch of national fashion! “.

Deputy of the State Duma Elena Drapeko “He raised domestic fashion to the rank of great art. He did not exist before him. Yes, there were fashion houses, parades, but such a parade (was not done)”.

TV presenter Arina Sharapova: “The last years of her life we ​​hardly saw each other. But they worked brilliantly together for five years in “Fashionable Sentence”. Brilliant, fine, imposing. Friend. Not a traitor. In extreme tough filming conditions, it was absolutely supported. The glory will be missed. Rest in peace…”.

fashion specialist Vladislav Lisovets “Vyacheslav is the brightest star. It is unlikely that anyone in the years to come will be able to surpass his stature, fame and talent. Incredibly kind man, one of the brightest people I’ve ever known. A combination of talent, kindness and sincerity, philanthropy and hard work. He combined so much that, of course, it is difficult to put another creative person next to Vyacheslav Mikhailovich. He’s a legendary person.”

Co-host Zaitseva in “Fashionable Sentence”, journalist Evelina Khromchenko : “Thanks to you, the concept of “Russian style” became more evident in international fashion, and the very concept of “fashion” did not die in the totalitarian USSR. You are a rare winner in the windmill war, a fashion hero, a beauty knight.

Designate Alena Akhmadullina : “They called it ‘Red Dior’ and it’s really the same scale of personality as Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent.”

Fashion designer Slava Zaitsev and designer Alena Akhmadullina Sergey Bobylev/TASS

Artist Nikas Safronov “We know that he dressed Brezhnev and his wife, Gorbachev and his wife, all the first people came to him. This says a lot about his inexhaustible talent and abilities. Out of nothing, he could create some sort of miracle. <…> He established himself as a person – he came from Ivanovo and became one of the leading designers of the country and the world. <…> It has a huge legacy, and we need to implement it and use it.

Honored Coach of the USSR in Figure Skating Tatiana Tarasova : “We were very friends with him, I liked him very much, I love him and I will always love him. We were introduced by Galina Volchek, who worked with him in the theater, I invited him to try skating artistic and our friendship began. An amazing person, kind and very talented. How many chic outfits he imagined, what sketches he drew – beyond words. I absolutely loved his work.”

*registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia in the register of foreign agents

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