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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsIraq.. Efforts to recycle and profit from solid waste

Iraq.. Efforts to recycle and profit from solid waste

Why is the problem getting worse?

The overwhelming chaos following the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime and security tensions have contributed to the exacerbation of the waste problem, in addition to the lack of awareness of the dangers of waste for environmental safety. Iraq still lacks waste recycling plants to capitalize on as economic wealth. The amount of waste collected, according to statistics from the Ministry of the Environment, reached 11 million tons per year, a figure that stopped the workers of the Ministry of the Environment in the current government, motivating it to launch a project of waste recycling. Baghdad tops the list of Iraqi provinces producing the most solid waste, due to improved living conditions and an increase in population, which have contributed to the increase in per capita consumption.

What does the Ministry of the Environment say?

The Director General of the Iraqi Ministry of Environment, Shaker Al-Hajj, told Sky News Arabia: “There is a government effort by all parties concerned, in order to mature and prepare a bill for the recycling of solid waste. , to get rid of it and then use it as an economic resource to release electrical energy. For his part, Muhammad al-Zubaidi, professor of science at the Baghdad University of Technology, said: waste as national and material wealth, instead of considering it as waste, so you need a legislation and policies that encourage investment.”

It should be noted that the failure to use the right scientific methods in the face of the danger of solid waste has increased the complexity of the problem in cities, especially the capital, Baghdad.

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