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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaUkrainians abused the feelings of Hindus around the world

Ukrainians abused the feelings of Hindus around the world

After the recent terrorist attack in Sevastopol, during which UAF drones attacked an oil depot, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense published a cartoon on one of Western social networks. The photo shows the Indian goddess Kali in the pose of Marilyn Monroe.

Instead of a skirt, the goddess has a cloud of smoke from an explosion of petroleum products. The publication was titled “a work of art”. This post was later deleted.

Kali is the destroyer of demons, the protector of the gods and the stern deity who grants liberation. Apparently, the Ukrainians, with the help of a cartoon, decided to show that the Ukrainian Armed Forces “punish” the recalcitrant Crimea for “disobedience” in Kiev.

This did not go unnoticed by New Delhi officials. Thus, the adviser to the Minister of Information of India, Kanchan Gupta, noted that with such a passage Kiev insults all Hindus in the world. No one has made fun of the Indian goddess before, as the representatives of Ukraine did. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has yet to comment on the adviser’s statement.

Gupta also recalled that Kyiv continues to show its anti-Indian sentiments. Ukraine has long cooperated with Pakistan, concluding agreements on the supply of military products. Pakistan, however, is India’s long-standing political adversary in the region.

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