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NewsMauritania.. The electoral campaign revives the media production market

Mauritania.. The electoral campaign revives the media production market


Professionals in this field have started marketing their services on social media to candidates for these benefits, which are due to take place on May 13.

Moussa Labbat, a Mauritanian residing in the Kingdom of Morocco, returned to Nouakchott early last month to offer his services during this season, when the production market is usually booming.

Moussa entered the field of media production 12 years ago, and now has his own equipment, to work independently, after years of experience in production institutions.

Moussa told Sky News Arabia: “The production market has flourished during the current election campaign and demand for the image has increased compared to previous campaigns.”

Moussa explains that the contestants “have recently started to care more about image quality and professional angles, unlike in previous seasons”.

In his speech, Musa pointed out that the media production market in Mauritania “has not recovered from the remnants of the Corona virus pandemic, despite the great movement it is currently witnessing, compared to other seasons, the financial return in recent years remains more compared to this season, due to the consequences of the global pandemic.

Newcomers to this field rejoiced during this campaign, such as Lamin Dando, who entered this field in 2018.

Lamine has worked for several local institutions, and now has her own production equipment.

In his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Lamin points out that “the production market has changed his financial situation, after possessing special equipment, through which he provides several services, in different seasons, in addition to receiving salaries of certain institutions.

Regarding the current election campaign, Lamin said, “Its financial returns have been greater than last time, given that the latter came after gaining experience in the field and having had many connections, thanks to which he was able to render many services to the participants in these rights.

Lamin believes that “the production market is fruitful and can accommodate everyone, but it needs the attention of the authorities concerned, as well as the training of those who work in this field”.

An investment in media production

Media production market services in Mauritania during the election campaign revolve around image, video and design. This season has encouraged many young people to invest in production, especially since Mauritania is also on the eve of presidential elections next year.

Mohamed Ould Mohamedi, recently created his own production company, after 13 years in the audiovisual field.

Weld Mohammadi’s company has done numerous photo shoots for the candidates, in addition to covering the campaigns, yet he is unhappy with the financial returns, despite the move.

Muhammad told ‘Sky News Arabia’: “There is a big upturn in the production market during the election campaign, and I have a lot of customers, and yet I haven’t realized the hope, given that most of those I have dealt with complain of harsh conditions.

But what sets this campaign apart is that I’m self-employed, offering my services and having clients, unlike previous seasons when I was a local media worker.

It’s true that I didn’t achieve what I aspired to, but I’m in a good position, because I’m working for my own project.

irregular market

Despite the great movement that the production market is currently experiencing, its lack of organization remains a worrying concern for some activists in this field, and the lack of distinction in the quality of content and equipment is, in turn, a source worry for some. , according to Wissam Al-Mad, who entered the field more than 10 years ago.

Wissam currently works for some institutions, and he also performs some special services, relying on the rental of equipment.

Wissam told Sky News Arabia: “The production market has flourished during this election campaign, compared to previous seasons.”

I rent the equipment for 30,000 ounces, or about 100 dollars, and by doing a few favors for certain candidates, I earn about 150,000 ounces, or more than 400 dollars. However, the production market requires discipline and regulation.

Wissam explains that the newcomers to this market “have made it chaotic in terms of price, especially since some candidates sometimes do not care about quality”.

300 ألف أوقية أي أكثر من 800 دولار 144 وافد جديد على this domain.

The electoral seasons in Mauritania are a great opportunity for the production market to recover.

But benefiting from it extensively requires extensive connections and experience, given its lack of organisation, according to its professionals who spoke to Sky News Arabia.

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